Chemistry for Life         2018 Mid Atlantic Regional Meeting  MARM 2018
NanoMARM Small Meeting Big Results a One Day Meeting for the  Mid-Atlantic region
June 3, 2018
  Iacocca Hall Lehigh University Bethlehem PA

Poster Session Highlights
General Poster Sessions
All Areas of Chemistry Accepted 
3:00PM - 6:00 pm

Posters will be displayed on 48"x 36"    
backing board supported by easels

The poster session will wrap around the plenary talk.
Participants will be at posters from 3:00-4:00 PM
and then break for the plenary talk 
the poster session will resume
at 5:00 PM and contunue until 6:00 PM 

Posters to be presented 

25. SCHB assists innovators and entrepreneurs in the chemistry enterprise. G.W. Ruger, J.L. Maclachlan, J.E. Sabol

26. Electronic transitions of iodine species in solution: Density Functional Theory calculations. M. Schupp, L. Tribe

27. Design, synthesis and photophysical properties of highly efficient d10-and/or d8transition metal-based complexes. M.M. Ghimire, R. Switzer, R.M. Mitch, A. Appiah

28. Molecular dynamics simulations of functional arylamide foldamers: Water transport and inter-conversion mechanism of cyclic-arylamide. R. Delia, V. Pophristic, Z. Liu

29. Computational chemistry investigation of aromatic foldamers: Folding propensity, molecular encapsulation and handedness inversion. P. Reagan, V. Pophristic, Z. Liu

30. Optimizing the synthesis of imine-linked 3D covalent organic frameworks. D. Fischbach, B.J. Smith

31. Microdomain registration in PEG-PBD diblock-copolymers investigated with simulations. N. Chen

32. Preparation and mechanical testing of vinyl ester biocomposites modified with limonene. D.L. Simonson, J.G. Kohl, A. Ring

33. Improving the organic chemistry laboratory experience through a scaffolded approach. J. Leake

34. Supporting the future of STEM: outreach activities in the Lehigh Valley. J.R. Berk, G.W. Ruger

35. Bohr model for hydrogen - revised. P.J. Wepplo

36. Investigation of a synthesis for white lead pigment. K.C. Cannon, A. Barmash, H. Karyampudi

37. Controlling surfaces for crystal nucleation and growth of acetaminophen. E.E. Byers, B.J. Smith

38. Three-dimensional mapping of optical near-field responses by controlling probe-sample distance. H. Wang, L. Wang, D. Jakob, X. Xu

39. Nanoscale spectroscopic and mechanical characterization of individual aerosol particles with peak force infrared microscopy. L. Wang, X. Xu

40. Photophysical properties of amino acid capped fluorescent nanoclusters. E.J. Cunningham, J. Hu

41. Effect of pore size on the density of matrices made from collagen nanofibrils. A. Peterman

42. Using the Maquette technology to develop novel genetically-encoded voltage indicators (GEVIs). X. Yu, M. Iwanicki, B.M. Discher

43. Chemical countermeasures for sulphur mustard exposure based on drug combinations of polyamines, terpenes and vanilloids. J. Saxena, C. Lacey, C.D. Guillon, G. Composto, L. Joseph, D. Heck, J. Laskin, N.D. Heindel

44. Protic mixtures: Bulk liquids incorporating self-assembling nanodomains. M.N. Kobrak

45. Green synthesis of biomineralized CdS quantum dot-graphene photocatalysts for visible light driven hydrogen generation. L. Spangler, L. Lu, C. Kiely, B. Berger, S. McIntosh

46. Aerosol preparation of spherical metal oxides for the purpose of surface modification. F.C. Mayville, A. Bielski

47. Determination of pesticide residues at the Food and Drug Administration using the QuEChERS Extraction method in conjunction with liquid and gas chromatography. H. Kim, X. Yu, T. Harrison, P.D. Svoronos

48. Sequential electrolytic oxidation of ethanol to carbon dioxide. A.T. Poulos, R. Furman, H. Do, P. Poulos

49. Using Excel(R) to expand the power of experimentation, automation and device control. S. Abbott

50. Microbial VOC fingerprints: Rapid detection of antimicrobial resistance in pathogenic bacteria. A. Dailey, J. Saha, S.A. Zaidi, R. Couch

51. Serum lipidomics extraction and data processing. G. Madison, Z.J. Beaulac, R. Couch

52. Temporal fecal metabolome profiling: An approach to assess gastrointestinal health. S.A. Zaidi, R. Couch

53. Detecting Pb2+ and Hg2+ ions with an acridinium-based fluorescent turn-on sensor. L.L. Kowal, J. Hu

54. Oxidative decarboxylation of formic and acetic acids at metal-oxide coated electrodes. A.T. Poulos, D. Agrawal, S. Lee, P. Poulos, V. Patel

55. Electro-oxidation of acetaldehyde in basic aqueous solution assisted by electron transfer agents. A.T. Poulos, R. Kaur, M. Namer

56. Liquid-liquid extraction and analysis of the antioxidant, resveratrol, from various red and white wines. F.C. Mayville, C. McGlocklin

57. Elemental analysis of arsenic in rice speciation. K. Kaur, L. Aleo, D. Stutts, P.D. Svoronos

58. Imidazole as a novel and robust gold binding group at STM-BJ method. X. Yu, S. Smith, T. Fu, J. Xue, L. Venkataraman, S. Wei

59. Biochemical sensing circuits based on DNA-scaffolded proximity assembly. S. Oh, T. Zhang, A. Pereira, A. Lane, J. Fu

60. Sources and presence of opiates and amphetamines in water, sediment and biota in the tidal freshwater Potomac River and its tributary embayments. A. Leahigh, G.D. Foster, T.B. Huff

61. Pesticide profiles in marsh sediment cores obtained from the tidal Potomac River. E. Lang, G.D. Foster, T.B. Huff, R. McBride, D.J. Velinsky

62. Sorption of ciprofloxacin to aquatic colloids determined through fluorescence quenching. C. Ajjan, G.D. Foster

63. In-situ chemical mapping and quantification of organic matter in oil shale with 10-nm spatial resolution. D.S. Jakob, X. Xu

64. Novel vasopressin 1a antagonists for CNS disorders: Development and characterization of clinical candidates. C.D. Guillon, N.D. Heindel, S. Lu, N. Simon, M. Brownstein, C. Ferris

65. Examination of the conformational dynamics of the Yersinia pestis 1-deoxy-D-xylulose-5-phosphate reductoisomerase enzyme in response to inhibitor binding. Z.J. Beaulac, A. Dailey, H. Ball, R. Couch

66. Script development in support of cationic antimicrobial peptide identification. A. Carfagno, B. Bishop

67. Site-directed mutagenesis of P. falciparum 1-deoxy-D-xyulose 5-phosphate reductoisomerase (PfIspC) residues hypothesized to interact with bisubstrate inhibitors. S. Cronin, R. Couch

68. Targeting Dxr/IspC to develop drugs against malaria and tuberculosis. M.B. Girma, H. Ball, C. Dowd, R. Couch

69. Investigation of the release mechanism of naproxen sodium, acetaminophen and ibuprofen from gel caplet delivery systems. F.C. Mayville, N.J. Cronin, R.J. Morales

70. Identifying excretory secretory metabolites in Trichuris suis in host pathology. H.A. Khan, A. Dailey, J. Urban, R. Couch

71. Targeting the ESKAPE pathogens: Kinetic characterization and inhibition of Acinetobacter baumannii and Klebsiella pneumoniae 1-Deoxy-D-Xylulose 5-Phosphate Reductoisomerase. H. Ball, M.B. Girma, M. Zainab, E. Marcus, S. Noble, R. Couch

72. Functionalization of graphene-oxide with bio-organic matrices for drug delivery. I.A. Banerjee, M.M. Hugo, K.R. Fath

73. Aromatic oligoamide foldamer for protein-protein interactions: A computational investigation. O. Vazquez, S. Makeneni, V. Pophristic, Z. Liu

74. Foldamer-based artificial water channels: A computational study. S. Houshyar Azar, Z. Liu, V. Pophristic

75. Catalysis of RNA surrogates by montmorillonite: Effects of pH. E. Gordon, L. Tribe

76. In silico survey of the central conserved regions of viroids classified in the Pospiviroidae family for conserved SRD-like motifs. P.L. Freidhoff, M.F. Bruist

77. Photosensitized lipid peroxidation accelerates vesicle rupture on SiO2 surfaces: A QCM-D study. A.M. Baxter, M. Farley, N. Wittenberg

78. Interaction of ionophoric polyphenols with human serum albumin (HSA). A. Martinez, M. Gomez, S. Shibutani

79. Formation of planar model membranes rich in caveolin-1. M.E. Blauch, S. Plucinsky, J.A. Julien, K.J. Glover, N.J. Wittenberg

80. Influence of brain gangliosides on vesicle adsorption, rupture, and supported bilayer formation determined by quartz crystal microbalance sensing. L. Jordan, N. Wittenberg

81. Fluorescent detection of the prolamin family of proteins. A.J. Brown, W.A. Patton

82. Studying the kinetics and inhibition of the G-quadruplex/hemin DNAzyme complex. R. Maloney, T. Brown, J. Fu

83. Mapping the initial events in insertion and exit of the cell-penetrating peptide pHLIP. V. Burns, B. Mertz

84. Purification and crystallization of geranylgeranylglyceryl phosphate synthase from T. volcanium. B. Gillott, K. Alderfer, J.A. Himmelberger

85. Synthesis of ionic liquids and application in Diels-Alder reactions. F.C. Mayville, B. Gillott, B.A. Dierolf

86. Synthesis and stability of N-benzylamide conjugates of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. B. Eden, T. Lovett, A.J. Rice, W. Bowman, E. Geissler, S.C. Young

87. Investigation into the mechanism of the sodium borohydride reduction of benzil. M. Dworzak, M. Meyer, T. Peelen

88. Oxidative esterification of allylic sp3-carbon via cross-dehydrogenative coupling followed by in-situ reductio. T. Hapatsha, S. Cartelli

89. Allylsilane synthesis via abnormal Peterson Olefination reaction. M.L. Kwan, P.R. Challen, Q.D. Tran

90. Mild, microwave-accelerated phenyl methyl ether protecting group cleavage method. E. Geissler, S.C. Young

91. Polycationic cages for noncovalent functionalization of frameworks. H. Arslan

92. Thermal rearrangement in triazoleimines, a unique class of anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer compounds. N.D. Heindel, J. Saxena, C.D. Guillon, R. Rapp, P.T. Kaplan, C. Fianu-Velgus, D. Heck, J. Laskin

93. The synthesis of two new putrescine analogs in 100 % ethanol as possible growth inhibitors of breast cancer cells. F.C. Mayville, J. Weiss

94. Mn-terpyridine catalyzed dehydrogenative acceptorless coupling of amines and alcohols to give aldimine. L. Lopez

95. Michael reactions of tropone iron tricarbonyl: Towards a flexible synthesis of bridged azapolycycles. Z. Huang, Z. Phelan, S. Valent, R. Tritt, D. Griffith