Chemistry for Life         2018 Mid Atlantic Regional Meeting    MARM 2018
NanoMARM Small Meeting Big Results a One Day Meeting for the  Mid-Atlantic region
June 3, 2018
  Iacocca Hall Lehigh University Bethlehem PA

Polymer Materials: Synthesis, Properties, and applications

Andrew Maganau Ph.D.   Drexal University
Robert Mathers Ph.D. The Pennsylvania State University. 

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Room B013


11:30. Oligofluorene molecular wires: Synthesis and single-molecule conductance. S. Wei, G.M. Florio

11:50 Conjugated polymers prepared using controlled polymerization. K.J. Noonan

12:10  Orthogonal-group engineering of cyclopentadiene-based building blocks for conjugated materials. M.M. Rahman, A. Pietrangelo

12:30 Intermission.

12:40 4. Polymer functionalized graphenic materials as stem cell instructive scaffolds for tissue regeneration. S.A. Sydlik, B. Holt, A. Arnold

1:00  Synthesis of [2.2]paracyclophane-inspired materials through ROMP for advanced optoelectonic applications. E. Elacqua

1:20 Enabling macromolecular design through cross-coupling and alkylborane initiation. A.J. Magenau

1:40 Intermission.

2:00 7. Functionalized polymer conjugates as building blocks to construct spatially organized materials. L.W. Chow

2:20  Complex emulsions as dynamic soft materials. L.D. Zarzar, E.M. Sletten, J.A. Kalow, V. Sresht, S. Nagelberg, D. Blankschtein, M. Kolle, T.M. Swager

2:40   Nanostructural transitions driven via in situ polymer grafting in diblock copolymer/monomer blends. R. Hickey

3:00 Intermission.

3:10 Introducing electron-deficient boron into functional polymeric materials. F. Jaekle

3:30 Finding the hydrophobic/hydrophobic balance in polymeric structures. R.T. Mathers

Meet the Speakers
Polymer picture

From left to right: Robert Hickey,  Sujun Wei, Kevin Noonan, Andrew Magenau, Stefanie Sydlik, Lesley Chow, Elizabeth Elacqua, Frieder Jaekle, Robert Mathers, and Lauren Zarzar.