Programming for Students and Educators

MARM 2010 offers a variety of programs for students, including the Undergraduate Research Symposium, Student Affiliates activities, careers workshops and panel discussions, and a short course on analytical chemists in industry.

Programs for educators and students begin on Saturday with a free POGIL workshop and Student Affiliates activities. They continue on Sunday with laboratory probe ware workshops, and a full-day Chemical Education symposium in the technical program.

(Programming for High School Educators and Students is here).

Selected Sessions

ACS Undergraduate Research Poster Session
Sunday, April 11, 2010
Morning and Afternoon Sessions

Session Overview:   The symposium provides an excellent opportunity for undergraduate chemistry students to present the results of their research.  The symposium includes a morning undergraduate research poster session, a luncheon and talk by Dr. Neil D. Jespersen, ACS Director, District I, followed by the afternoon undergraduate research poster session.  Dr. Jespersen will present a seminar entitled “Making the Most of Being a Student ACS member”.  The financial benefits of being an ACS student member are tangible – reduced meeting registration fees, special student rates on journals and courses, and discounted prices with selected companies.  ACS student membership also has a wealth of less tangible, but more important, benefits.  This interactive session highlights ways to benefit both financially and professionally.  Participants explore how they can develop their professional network, explore career options, and position themselves for successful careers.

Dr. Jespersen is a professor of chemistry at St. Johns University, Jamaica, NY.  He received his B.S. in chemistry from Washington & Lee University and his Ph.D. in analytical chemistry from Pennsylvania State University.  He has been an ACS member since 1969.

ACS Graduate and Post-Doctorate Research Poster Session Sunday Evening, April 11, 2010

Session Overview:  The symposium provides an excellent opportunity for graduate students and post-doctoral fellows to present the results of their research.  Graduate students and postdoctoral fellows are encouraged to attend the ACS Leadership Development Workshop or Sustainability, Green Chemistry, and Policy Symposium Sunday afternoon and ACS Career Services Workshop on Monday, April 12th.

More to appear.